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    The Chamber Foundation is a supporting organization of the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce.  The Foundation serves as the primary long-range economic strategic planning arm for the Inland Empire Region.  It is dedicated to quality research, analysis and strategic planning to give guidance and direction to the Chamber's technology, economic, education and community development strategies and initiatives.  Inspiring an diverse region of leadership.

    The result, an economically vibrant sustainable region. 


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  • 'We Facilitate Regional Leadership To Create Economic Prosperity'

    IERCC Foundation will conduct a series of forums, conferences, seminars, advisory council round-tables, working groups and workshops to engage public, non-profit and private sector partnerships around these critical issues. 


  • http://www.iechamber.org/info/
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    • To support workforce training and recruitment programs, focused on sustainable development.
    • To enhance the development of a sustainable model of an employer driven workforce development system.
    • Job creation, job retention, focusing on industry sectors with the highest growth potential for high paying jobs.

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    • A commitment to support the economic development well being of our region through public and private regional collaboration efforts to ensure programs meet the needs of the business community
    • To enhance the development of a sustainable model of an employer driven workforce development system.
    • Create and implement a marketing plan centered on our region's distinctive spirit, advantages and unique value propositions.
    • Retention programs involving public & private organizations that will assess the assets and opportunities of individual companies through periodic surveys, interviews and visitations through out the Inland Empire region.

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    • 'Measurable Results' Providing a forum where regional leaders can consider and advance new ideas critical to the public, private, non-profit and civic sector partnership to bridge greater synergy.
    • Benchmarking and evaluating infrastructure programs and business climate ie: Retention and Expansion Programs.
    • Marketing Campaigns to create a regional image and identity and to project a high quality of life.

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    • The Inland Empire Regional Chamber Foundation (IERCCF) will cultivate regional stewardship as a defining quality of our region.
    • Providing a forum for collaboration and communication among regional stewards and business communities.
    • Providing programs aimed at developing women and minority entrepreneurs.
    • Public-Private Partnerships, Created to Focus on : Undertaking economic development efforts, Promoting sustainable business, Improving workforce development, Diversifying the economic base of the region and Improving the quality of life.


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    • Educating women, minorities and young people in key leadership positions and support for minority economic development.
    • To protect and direct involvement of community, amenity, business, interest needs to be at the core of urban renaissance.
    • Build and sustain a culture of civic volunteerism and philanthropy.