Regional Leaders provide the region with an ongoing source of diverse leadership at all levels of business expertise. These leaders are catalysts and sustainers.

    We accomplish this through  education, community awareness, and  business apprenticeship. 

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  • The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce will adhere to these core values as a means to establish trust and ensure a positive reputation as an organization that is working to collaborate for the region we serve.

    *Foster Regional Strategic Collaboration

    The Inland Empire Regional Chamber aims to identify issues that negatively impact quality of life and develop programs and strategic partnerships to protect the vital resources valued by the public and private sectors.

    *Workforce and Education

     The Inland Empire Regional Chamber connects the business community to business leaders, educational resources and regional opportunities.

     *Economic Development

     The Inland Empire Regional Chamber will assist in regional efforts to support business infrastructure,  retention and business attraction for the region.

     *Represent Business Interest Domestically and Internationally

    The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce is committed to shaping our region by connecting the region’s business interests with civic and community leaders to plan for a prosperous future by influencing public policy with a unified voice. Educate policy makers on business priorities and global markets.

     *Membership Services

    The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce purpose is to help the region’s businesses prosper by providing the information and resources they need to grow and expand while enhancing our region's ongoing economic competitiveness.

    “One Region. One Voice.”

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