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  • How It Works..

    Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce has adopted a NEW program which gives back to the local City Chambers all over the Region. The IERCC believes that supporting our business community and organizations is extremely important for the Region.

    In an attempt to drive the business climate, the IERCC will begin the “United Chamber Partnership Program” and grant you, the certificate holder (Chamber member) a one-time election to either apply up to $300 towards a local chamber of commerce membership or a $300 donation to a non-profit charitable organization.

    For Example, when a business signs up for a membership with the IERCC, we will pay for a membership to any Chamber of Commerce, or $300 to a charitable organization of your choice (within the Inland Empire).


    We’ve said this once and we’ll say it again....

    The IERCC’s goal is simple, together we aim to “Connect Business and Drive the Region” forward. The IERCC’s main objective is to collaborate with local chambers and create strategic programs for businesses in the Region. Programs which will help business thrive and create commerce.

    With the strong backbone of our Board of Directors and our passionate and driven IERCC personnel, you can rely on us to continue to explore new ideas and business programs for the region.

     One Region...One Voice!

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